Finding Dory Voice Over Actor Paid In Chocolate

There's only a few more days to go until we can finally see Finding Dory in cinemas!

It is set to be the most successful animated movie of all time with box office results in the U.S. recording record breaking figures since it's release.

The brand new Pixar movie which is a spin-off of the fantastic 2003 movie Finding Nemo is to be released in Ireland this Friday, July 29th.

Ellen DeGeneres voices the main character Dory as well as Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton lending their hands as the voices of Dory's parents.

However there is one voice over artist in the movie that was paid in chocolate!

Seven-year-old Sloane Murray voices the Young Dory character was thanked in the form of chocolate bars after recording one line for the movie as a test.  Slone is the daughter of Finding Dory producer Lindsey Collins. "It wasn't even done professionally at first," Stanton told RTÉ Entertainment. "We were just, 'Could we get her in for this one line? Just so it doesn't sound like an adult doing it, to see what it feels like'. And it was like, 'Wow, that sounded amazing'."

"She was four-and-a-half," added Collins, and the line was: 'I'm Dory and I suffer from short term memory loss'. Because she was four-and-a-half she couldn't pronounce it. She said, 'I suffer from short term memembery loss'. Andrew was like, 'Sold!'" 

When asked if her daughter would be receiving a portion of the huge box office figures, Collins replied, "As far as she knows she got paid in chocolate! So there's no need for her to know anything more than that for a while. But I'm sure it'll come up!"

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