WATCH: Stephanie Rainey releases heartwarming video of life in lockdown for her song 'Sorry' to raise money for Pieta House

Cork's Stephanie Rainey has released a brand new video for her song 'Sorry' with the London Community Gospel Choir.

Throughout the video we see people holding up signs of things they miss while we're staying apart to battle the Coronavirus outbreak as well as why they're staying home and things they're enjoying such as spending more time with family and getting more time to be creative.

In a social media post accompanying the song, Stephanie explains the premise behind the touching video and the reason why she wants to help raise vital funds for Pieta House. She said: "I've spent the past few weeks trying to capture the feelings people have had during this crazy time. The fears and anxieties, the longing we have for each other but also what we are taking away and learning from this time. Thank you guys for taking part and sharing some of your most personal moments!

"For me, I've felt a huge sense of pride. Proud of the kindness and consideration I've seen that I think might have been missing in the world for a while.

"We are going to need each other more in the next year than we ever have. We are going to need to support each others businesses, talk about our anxieties, ask our friends if they are okay. With this in mind, we are partnering over the next few weeks with Pieta House.

"First step is making this song available for 2 weeks to download on Bandcamp where 100% of the profits will go directly to Pieta House. You can also donate on the button below. Everyone who donates is in with a chance to win something very cool which will be announced on Wednesday! So please keep a record of your donation or song purchase!!!!

"I hope you can relate. If you do, tag your friends, tag your businesses and donate if you can to Pieta House."

You can watch the beautiful video and donate to Pieta House here:


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