WATCH: Cork arts and cultural organisations create love letter to the city to the words of 'The Banks of my own Lovely Lee'

Cork arts and cultural organisations come together, in their homes, to create a love letter to the city to remind people of all of the gems that can be found and what they can expect to enjoy when the COVID-19 restrictions are over.

In this beautiful poignant video entitled "#CorkCultureFromTheCouch", Ciara O’Leary Fitzpatrick recites ‘The Banks of my own Lovely Lee’ over a series of stunning images of the cultural offering of the city.

The video features images and footage supplied by the venues and was also edited by Ciara O’Leary Fitzpatrick. Music is by Cork based singer-songwriter John Blek and Bite Design provided the ‘Love Cork’ graphic that is currently featured across business premises in the city.

The idea for the video was sparked from Zoom conversations within the Cork Arts & Culture Marketing Group. Formed in 2019, this group consists of marketing workers from Cork’s arts and cultural sector who meet regularly to share knowledge, insights and receive support and encouragement from peers working within the sector. The group could not possibly have foreseen the crisis of today, but the strength of community within the group is now a welcome support for all members.

Sinéad McCarthy from St. Peter’s Cork said, “We’re colleagues within the arts and culture sector. Each organisation adds to the vibrancy, colour and meaning to Cork City. The arts and cultural sector, as with many other sectors, has been hit hard by the current crisis. We all miss meeting people in our venues and it was natural for us to come together to create this video to reach out to people, to let them know we’re thinking of them and that we’re looking forward to welcoming them back soon.”

Gillian Hennessy from Triskel Arts Centre said “The video could not include a complete list of the arts and cultural organisations in Cork – it would have had to be thirty minutes long – but we hope it serves to give a flavour of what Cork offers local and visitors alike.”

The Cork Arts & Culture Marketing Group extends a invitation to all arts and cultural organisations to get in touch with them if they wish to join the group:


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