UCC professor warns of potential second wave

A UCC professor says we can't get close to the fifth phase of easing restrictions without triggering a second wave of coronavirus.

Professor Gerry Kileen says flattening the curve and easing restrictions before the virus is eliminated will do far more damage.

He also believes any suggestion we should move from the 2 metre social distancing rule to 1 metre shouldn't even be discussed.

There are 57 new cases of the virus in the Republic and 4 more people with Covid-19 have died.

UCC professor Gerry Kileen is alarmed people's behaviour is already changing for the worse.

"It's not the actual easing of restrictions, it's the message it's sending to people.

"And I'm seeing that everywhere.

"I see it in my own neighbourhood, I see it in how people behave, I see it in the little groups of teenagers who text each other and meet at small parks.

"I see it in coffee shops who are serving outdoors before it's time to start doing that."

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