Taoiseach urges people to combat spread of misinformation

The Taoiseach has asked everyone in the country to read the Covid-19 Public Information Booklet to combat the spread of misinformation.  

The booklet is going to be delivered to every home in Ireland.

It explains what the country is doing to tackle to spread of coronavirus and brings together the best advice from our public health experts.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says it's vital people take in the correct information about Covid-19 when so much misinformation is being shared.

"I would encourage people to read up when it arrives.

"We may think we know what we're doing, but we live in an age of misinformation and disinformation, and we're in a constant battle to get accurate information and truth out to the public.

"This is the basic piece of information that everyone needs to know and absorb as soon as you get this through your letterbox.

"It's very easy to be misled - this book cuts through the confusion."

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