Stricture measures could be brought in with regards social distancing

Stricter measures may be brought in to tackle problems with social distancing.

It comes as a male in the east of the country has become the fourth person to die from the coronavirus.

906 people now have Covid 19 here.

The National Public Health Emergency Team will meet tomorrow to consider if tighter restrictions are necessary to combat the spread of the infection.

GP Liam Glynn says they may be needed. 

"My own brother at the moment is living in Barcelona, and if he leaves his apartment and goes for a run on the beach he gets fined €100.

"I see it at the moment as the difference between shutdown and lockdown. We're in shutdown mode at the moment, but we could very well need to go into lockdown mode.

"However if everyone really took social distancing seriously, then maybe we could make a real difference."

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