Restaurants Association of Ireland say Gardai should have the power to shut down businesses

Gardaí need to have the power to shut down businesses that are ignoring public health guidelines.

That's the view of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, after large crowds were filmed drinking on the streets outside pubs in Dublin City Centre over the weekend.

Licensed premises are only supposed to serve alcohol with a 'substantial' meal and customers must leave after an hour and 45 minutes.

CEO of the Restaurants Association Adrian Cummins says legislation needs to be passed to give Gardaí enforcement powers.

"If a premises that was providing take away drink that was part of this problem, they [the Gardai] need to be able to close it down immediately.

"I know that's a tough call, I think now that we have a government, we have a Dáil that pass legislation - let's pass that legislation."

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