Restaurants and bars must collect contact details of one person per booking

Restaurants and bars serving food will be required to collect the contact details for at least 1 person per-booking when they reopen on June 29th. 

Under new plans, customers will be allowed to spend 1 hour and 45 minutes eating a meal - as opposed to the 90 minutes originally proposed. 

A further 15 minutes will be reserved for cleaning. 

Failte Ireland says premises serving food can also reduce the two-metre physical-distance rule to one metre if necessary. 

Tara Kerry, from Failte Ireland, says restaurants and bars serving food will only have to keep the contact details for the lead contact of the booking and not their entire group.

"It's now been agreed that businesses only need to take one person's details at the table, which would be the lead - it could be the person paying the bill or it could be the person making the booking.

"They will then be aware of everyone else in the party.

"If contact tracing was required, the business will have the contact details of that one person that they can hand over to the HSE or the relevant body to allow for that contact tracing.

"Those details only need to be retained for a month."


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