Plan to lift travel restrictions criticised

The plan to lift travel restrictions to some countries next month is being criticised as being impossible to introduce. 

A "green list" of countries which can be travelled to from Ireland is being put together before July 9th.

From then, flights can take off, with no 14-day quarantine necessary for passengers. 

The list of air bridges will be updated every two weeks, and countries with a resurgence of Covid-19 will be removed. 

Travel journalist Eoghan Corry says the plan is simply unworkable.

"Everything that the people who are supposed directing this say makes it even more confusing and unclear.

"The notion overnight that they would be updated every fortnight would make any sort of coherent strategic plan to international travel impossible, because any flight that you've booked could suddenly put you in breach of the DFA regulation a few days before you fly out."

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