NPHET meet this morning to discuss potential easing of restrictions

The National Public Health Emergency Team is meeting this morning to discuss the roadmap for potentially easing Covid-19 restrictions. 

The plan was accelerated recently given the decline in the number of people contracting the disease in the community and public compliance with health measures.

Meanwhile, Trinity College Professor Luke O’Neill, says research this week from Oxford University, which found a steroid called dexamethasone can reduce death rates by a third for those on ventilators, is in an interesting development in the fight against Covid-19.

"This drug, dexamethasone, I worked on that all those years ago - it's a very powerful anti-inflammatory steroid.

"A press release came out, now we'd like to see the scientific paper, but a press release came out saying it might work in Covid.

"It was interesting that in patients who were very severe they showed a special benefit.

"It could be a third decrease in fatalities they're predicting now, it could be possible by giving people dexamethasone, so we see this as a very positive development."

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