NCTS Centres Operating As Normal But Applying HSE Guidelines As Required

They're appealing to anyone showing signs of fever, cold or cough and those that are classed as vulnerable not to attend the NCT appointment

The NCT have outlined some of the measures that they are implementing to help protect staff and customers in response to a query by RedFM News on social distancing measures being practised at Cork NCT Centres. RedFM News has been contacted by some concerned motorists who were at a Cork NCT Centre this morning and raised some questions on the social distancing measures in operation there. 

Statement by Applus Car Testing Services Limited - 

We are asking that only the person presenting the vehicle for inspection attends the appointment and to refrain from bringing children to the test centre.

Upon check in, customers are being asked to wait in their vehicle until its called for test.

We are asking that customers to leave windows lowered to allow for air to ventilate naturally throughout the vehicle before the inspector gets into it. In addition, they are also requested to ensure the air vents in the vehicle are closed and the fans are reduced to the lowest level.

Customers are asked to pay by card to help reduce any handling of cash 

The Vehicle Inspectors are also asking customers to ensure their vehicle is clean, tidy and free of any unhygienic matter such as used tissues and wipes.

Prior to each test, the vehicle inspectors are changing gloves.

We are following the HSE guidelines and encouraging customers and staff to wash their hands thoroughly and in addition our staff are provided with sanitizer gels

COVID Information is being displayed on posters and waiting information screen for both staff and the public

We have “safe distances” and “queue here” floor signs in our Cork centres to encourage physical distancing

The staff are trying to minimising contact with customers as much as possible and what our staff have noticed is that the customers are doing the same. A lot of customers are being very proactive and arriving to the centre with their own gloves on and bringing their own sanitizer.

We are asking customers to present documentation in front of the safety glass screens where possible, rather than passing the documents to limit contact

We are also trying to leave all entrance doors open to remove risk of virus transfer via door handles.

Disposable seat covers are being used for each test.


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