National Public Health Emergency Team to consider coronavirus specific hospitals

The National Public Health Emergency Team will meet this morning to consider establishing covid-19 specific hospitals.

 Latest figures show there are 1,564 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with a further two deaths, bringing the total death toll to 9. 

26 per cent of patients have been hospitalised, with 39 cases being admitted to ICU. 

Dr. Colm Henry, HSE Chief Clinical Officer, says they're considering designating hospitals specifically for covid-19: 

"We're pursing that particular method in our own hospitals at the moment, segragating Covid-19 patients as much as we can within hospitals to which cases are coming.

"But also looking at designatied hospitals in urban areas, which are self selecting in Limerick or Cork for example.

"Those plans are ongoing within our acute hospital system, so at this point in time we're focusing on segregated areas within hospitals."

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