LVA calls for pubs to reopen responsibly

The Licensed Vintners Association is urging pubs to make sure they re-open responsibly.

Pubs that serve food can open their doors again on Monday as coronavirus restrictions are eased.

But there are reports some owners are planning to break the 105-minute time limit for customers to stay.

Donall O'Keeffe, CEO of the LVA, says the conditions for re-opening aren't ideal.

"We fully understand the frustrations, it's a very impractical it's a very obtuse ruling that people have to pre-book for pubs in a 105 minute duration.

"For lots of our occasions, lunch on a work day, a quick bite after a workday, 105 minutes will be fine.

"But for weekend business, for family get togethers, for bunches of friends coming together, 105 minutes doesn't work at all."

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