Life In Lockdown Across Cork Largely A Positive Experience For Many People Leeside

That's according to a survey of 700 people conducted by Cork's RedFM 

61% found life in lockdown either positive or neutral in terms of experience of life during the period however over a third of respondents have seen a reduction in their earnings due to the Covid-10 pandemic.. 

Cork's RedFM Life in Lockdown report examined how our listeners lives had been impacted over the course of the pandemic and if their priorities or plans had changed since the country went into lockdown at the end of March 

Economists have been warning that the new Government needs to introduce a strong stimulis pacakage up to €15 billion euro to get businesses back up and running and jobs back online 

Reacting to the results of the report financial advisor Eddie Hobbs told RedFM News that on a positive note the economy is slowly starting to recovery  

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