It could take over a year for businesses to recoup coronavirus losses

It could take up to 62 weeks from closing due to Covid 19, for a business in the hospitality sector to recoup its losses.

That's the warning from PwC, which wants workers in pubs, restaurants and pubs to be given 75 per cent of their take home pay to survive.

It says the industry is worth up to 7.6 billion euro every year and around 100,000 people may have already lost their jobs.

PwC spokesperson Owen McFeeley the industry's been dealt a massive blow.

"An emergency situation has been created by the Irish hospitality sector.

"The focus of our report which has been on pubs, restaurants and hotels and found that essentially this business has closed down.

"We've seen a sector that employs 180,000 people either having lost their jobs, or either at risk of losing their jobs in the coming weeks."


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