Expert warns of coronavirus second wave if air travel resumes fully

A leading medical professor claims lifting restrictions on air travel could cause a second wave of Covid-19 cases.

The Aviation Recovery Taskforce believes the government should end the 14-day quarantine and lift border restrictions next week. 

The prevalence of the virus here remains low, with 10 new cases and three deaths confirmed yesterday.

But Kingston Mills, professor of experimental immunology in Trinity College, says there'll be another spike if air travel resumes fully.

"We need to look very carefully at looking at removing all restrictions on flight or we're going to have a second wave quicker than you think.

"The best country in the world that's dealt with it is New Zealand - they've had a couple of cases recently, all related to imported cases, in this case from the UK, two people brought in with the virus and they've had to put in restrictive measures again and start testing again when they'd just gotten rid of it, the same in China.

"So this has been a pattern that's happening."

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