Health Minister: Department Will Resolve Issue Of Pay For Student Nurses And Midwives This Week

Simon Harris was speaking after the INMO and the Union of Students in Ireland called for students on placement to be paid during the current health crisis. 

Standard practice means hundreds are in unpaid placements across the country to earn enough hours to get qualified.

Some nurses and midwives have raised concerns that they will not be able to afford to pay rent as they will be banned from working elsewhere during their eight week placement and will have to self isolate for two weeks after that. 

USI president Lorna Fitzpatrick says education is also a real concern for many student nurses at the moment:

 "Some students have been asked to leave their accommodation or digs, and have lost their part time jobs as a result of working on the frontlines in relation to Covid-19.

"And those that are no longer able to continue in their placement they want to make sure they can progress in their education without being penalised by their institution.

"Another main concern that's coming across the board is around payment for student nurses and midwives.

"We're calling for all student nurses and midwives to be supported during this pandemic."

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