Concern over test result delays for mental health staff.

A state watchdog is expressing concern at the long delays mental health staff face in getting Covid-19 test results. 

The Mental Health Commission says some employees were still waiting for results last week. 

That's despite the introduction of guidance over a month ago that required all staff to be tested. 

32 of the 181 mental health services are waiting on one or more test result.

John Farrelly, the commission's chief executive, says lessons must be learnt from the past few weeks. 

"A real fear is as we open up the country that we're absolutely set in terms of our governance and management of Covid in mental health settings so that we can keep as many people safe as possible.

"So as the country opens up we need to make sure we've learned all the lessons, the HSE has learned all the lessons of the last month and a half, and that we're absolutely ready to open up our mental health services in a way that protects people."

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