Call for schools to open sooner

There's a call on the Education Minister to reopen schools earlier than September.

Dublin GP Aoife Ni Sheaghdha is making the call, saying it makes no sense to have the pubs open before schools.

She says there's no medical evidence that children are super spreaders of Covid 19. 

Dr Ni Sheaghdha, who's the medical director of Trinity Clinic, says the schools should be gradually reopened.

"I'm frustrated - what I would like is phased reopening, two or three days a week, 10 people in a class, so we can at least trial it for a few weeks before teachers take their summer holidays.

"That way we will have some data, rather than just going on other countries' data we'll have some data of our own, rather than waiting until September which incidentally is when flu season starts and the normal viral season starts."

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