Biochemistry professor says wearing facemarks should be mandatory

Wearing face masks should be mandatory according to a leading expert.

It's after a study published in the Lancet Journal showed it leads to a six fold decrease in the risk of the spread of the coronavirus.

While a women's hospital in Boston demonstrated that when staff and patients wore masks, the rate of infection halved.

Professor of Biochemistry at the school of Immunology, Trinity College, Luke O Neill says it's time people started wearing masks here

"Both of those studies this morning make it even more compelling, as we've said all along anyway that masks are a great thing.

"Next question - should we mandate them? Because people aren't wearing them, are they?

"I've noticed that when I'm out and about in shops and so on there's not many people wearing them.

"So we'll have to move towards mandating mask wearing I think, ultimately."

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