Wilton Road Residents Hand In 300 Submissions Against Plans To Widen The Road

They're objecting to proposed works to add two bus lanes and cycle lanes to help alleviate traffic congestion

Residents living along the Wilton Road have handed in over 300 submissions to the City Council this afternoon against plans to to widen the road 

They have been waging a long running campaign against proposed works on the Wilton Road to add two bus lanes and cycle lanes which would see some locals lose up to 7 metres from their front gardens 

Residents, who have come together under the Wilton Community Action Group, claim the plan will do nothing to solve traffic congestion in the area due to pinch points at either end of the road.

The group has accused the Council of keeping residents in the dark about the plans and say they will object to the project 

Speaking to RedFM News, PRO of the Wilton Community Action Group John Bowman says the project is very invasive and there has been no consultation with locals 


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