Traders affected by Douglas Village Shopping Centre fire face uphill battle to survive until centre reopens

Traders affected by the fire that ripped through the car park of Douglas Village Shopping Centre are facing another uphill battle to survive. 

It comes amid claims that some insurance companies won't pay out the full amount being claimed by affected traders until management at the shopping centre confirm in writing how long the shopping centre will remain closed.

Around 30 traders were forced to close with many now facing uncertain futures until the centre reopens.

It was reported in today's Irish Examiner that a makeshift retail space consisting of container-style structures will temporarily accommodate some of the affected traders in a car park in Douglas Woollen Mills. 

Leonard's Hair&Beauty relocated to Maryborough Hill where Chocolate Hair Salon offered to share its premises. Manager there Krystof told RedFM News that footfall in Douglas has dropped, and support for the initiative in Douglas Woollen Mills is needed:

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