CIT President says students to understand the consequences of lockdown parties

Students hosting and attending lockdown parties should understand the consequences and experience the rigours of the law, according to CIT President Dr Barry O'Connor

Dr O'Connor recently signed an open letter calling on them to respect their neighbours and the area they're living in.

The letter was also signed by UCC president Patrick O’Shea, Gardaí, and the HSE. 

It follows weeks of parties in areas near Cork colleges which has led to demonstrations by nearby residents who say they have become prisoners in their own homes due to noise and anti-social behaviour.

Speaking to RedFM News CIT President Dr Barry O'Connor says students need to realise there are consequences to their actions.

"There are consequences, the biggest frightener of the consequences is if you need Garda vetting down the line, or losing the opportunity of getting a visa to go to the States.

"So there's the combination of the carrot and the stick there, there are disciplinary things you can do as well, but for me the biggest issue is they might not ever get a job because they go down on Garda vetting if they get arrested or charged or something, and they certainly wouldn't get a visa for the States.

"They're the things that students see as part of the career development.

"When the first years come in, you've got to get the message to them straight away."

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