AirBnB to make accommodation available for abuse victims

AirBnB will make free hotel rooms available for victims of domestic abuse who can't find space in a refuge. 

There's been an increase of nearly two fifths in the number of calls to the Women's Aid helpline since the Covid-19 pandemic began - and cuts in the amount of space in women's refuges. 

Catriona Gleeson, from Safe Ireland, says it's a very welcome stop-gap because of the acute shortages in the sector. 

But she says it can't last forever - and victims of domestic abuse need a permanent, state-backed solution. 

"We understand that while the donation has been extended it will end unless donors come from elsewhere.

"It's a very welcome temporary measure, but in no way to be interpreted as a longer term solution, and it's only going to be suitable for a number women.

"We really welcome the leadership of AirBnB in this project, and others who made it happen."

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