5 brilliant beauty buys under €5 to help make you feel happy today



While we’re not suggesting that shopping equals actual therapy, you and I both know that one small little purchase can put a smile on your face. It's even better when that small little purchase costs less than a cup of joe.

As you probably know, we are experts here at Beaut at picking out little beauty gems that should cost more than they are. So, if you're wandering around town feeling blue at any stage today, pop into the shop and p-p-p-pick up a present for you.

Then go home, try it out and sip on a coffee from your press. Or, you know, break out the wine. It's kind of a day for that.

§  Catrice Deluxe Glow Highlighter The Glowrious Three €4.95

One little kit, three lovely shades that act not only as highlighters but can be used for contouring and as eyeshadow as well.


§  NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Single €4.75

The secret little wonder product that may change your contouring game, you can choose your perfect shade for a subtle contour/highlight.


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